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Who We Are

Hyphen BPO is result of an encouter between customer relations and call center professionals from different continent and having thus understood the globalization of this industry and the clients requirements and attendings.

Miriam, working in the world of startups in SF and Austin Texas, faces the problem of setting up customer relationship or customer acquisition services in several languages in order to serve the American and global market at the best value for money.

Philippe, developing a call center consulting company in Europe after 20 years as CEO major contact center service providers, faced the complexity of detecting for his clients fitting service providers from among hundreds of players, in order to cover up to to 23 different languages.

Ivan, Mexican multi-entrepreneur saw the development of the BPO industry on the South American continent from Mexico and became a player in this phenomenon.

Cyril, a business development professional in the world of call centers, has worked in various countries, notably in Barcelona, Spain, where with Marc he managed pan-European operations for large global companies. He understood the challenges of a client wishing to serve his clients on the European scope, and the prerequisites and skills necessary for the call center service provider.

Hyphen BPO

Our Vision

  • All companies that succeed are global.
  • Nearshore vendors are a relevant solution for American companies.
  • All companies need a global customer service organization having the capacity to deliver services at the better price and in all the major languages spoken all over the world.

HYPHEN BPO is the bridge providing the link between you and those overseas vendors.

The Team

Philippe Legal


Cyril Gabrielli


Iván Muñoz


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Miriam Mauri

Country Manager USA

Hyphen BPO has been recognized as one of Top BPO Companies in New York City by DesignRush